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It all started with a love of Newfoundland & Labrador

The Newfound Grazing Co (formerly Newfound Picnics) dream all started with something simple and pure, a love for the spectacular spaces around every corner. From rolling hills to hidden coves, Newfoundland & Labrador is filled with beauty to discover. It was through many hikes and walks around the Avalon that the owners kept saying "wouldn't this be the perfect place for a picnic?" And that is exactly how Newfound Picnics came to light. 

Then the idea grew. Of course this couldn't be just your average picnic. With their background in tourism and hospitality, owners Heather & Josh wanted it to be something more. Something that could make the everyday feel like a celebration. They knew that with incredible local purveyors and artisan offerings, the food would be just the beginning. Next came the ambiance. Heather's background with styling & branding helped her curate the perfect picnic and event setup that would leave any observer in envy. Now all someone has to do is come, eat, enjoy, and make new memories.

a picture of owners, heather and josh smiling at the camera as they hold two beers


Owners Heather & Josh's passion for NL is a new(ish) one. After Heather visited the rock back in September 2018, she knew she found a new home for her and her family. It was only two months later that they sold their home in Ontario, packed their dog and cat into their tiny Kia and took off for the biggest adventure of their life, a move to St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador. With no family and only one friend on the island, some (many) called them crazy for leaving it all behind. But what they didn't know was all the beauty that was waiting for them. 

On weekends you can find them either updating their row house, exploring one of the many trails around Eastern Newfoundland with their two dogs, and possibly stopping for a pint (or two) at a local craft brewery. Together Heather and Josh are excited to take on this next adventure and provide you with luxurious picnics and events in spectacular spaces! 

Want to see more of their journey, you can follow Heather online at @newfoundexplorer


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