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Build your very own Charcuterie

Have you ever wished you could put together a beautiful charcuterie board and wow your guests? Our at home workshops bring the fun of DIY charcuterie right to you and your friends. 

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We'll bring all the supplies and demonstrate a few of our trade secrets to designing the perfectly beautiful and delicious charcuterie and cheese board. Everyone will leave with their own mini charcuterie board and the skills to keep making wow worthy boards in the future. What you can expect from a workshop:

  • A wooden board that can serve 2-4 people

  • Understanding cheese selection and pairings

  • How to style meat, including the famous salami rose and river

  • Creating a well balanced board with colour and texture

  • What spreads and accoutrements to use to freshen up the board

  • In person walk through and hands on help from our owner, Heather Kennery

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